Smart Self-Clean Mop Set

  • $69.95

Here you go, the upgraded [ Self-Clean Magic Mop Set ] is launched to make floor mopping easier and convincing. 

You can simply clean up the mop without touching the dirty mop head. 

How? The included Wash & Dry Container Box allows Magic Squeeze Drying.

In addition, the clean and dirty mopping water is separated where it helps to clean up the floor more effectively.

The Microfiber Mop Pad cleans up all the dirt on the floor cleanly and easily.

It works perfectly on all kind of floors such as marble, tiles, woods floor and more.

You can carry your LIGHTWEIGHT CLEANING MOP anywhere.

It saves time and energy, and because it's compact, it occupies MINIMAL STORAGE SPACE.


 1 x Magic Mop
 1 x Self Clean - Wash & Dry Container Box
 2 x Microfiber Mop Pad

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